Monday, March 19, 2012

Who should play #Turing, #DiCaprio or...

Alan Turing
Cinema media sources are reporting that successful British director J. Blakeson is in talks to direct Graham Moore's Imitation Game for Warner Bros. Topping last year's "The Black List" of unmade scripts, the story tells the true story of our hero, the English mathematician and codebreaker Alan Turing. The script has received a  lot of attention from some big name actors including Leonardo DiCaprio, who obviously has a track record in playing similar period character parts. If DiCaprio declines Michael Fassbender is also being proposed as a possible lead.
   Either way it would be great to see a high profile movie raise the public's awareness of Turing - and his story has everything: genius, a world war, top secret intelligence work, vital codebreaking, the invention of the modern computer, artificial intelligence, sex, persecution, a tragic death, and finally a humbled and grateful nation. I'd pay to see that film!

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