Monday, March 26, 2012

In praise of... #Segways

Segway on North Head, Devonport
Today my lovely wife took me on a Segway tour, for my birthday, at Devonport in Auckland, NZ. I've always been interested in them since their launch, but have never had a ride on one before. We went with Magic Broomstick Tours and had just five minutes of instructions, from Pauline our tour guide. They're really intuitive to ride, and if you relax, you become quite confident very quickly. They're extremely maneuverable and can cope with grass as well as pavements and roads.
   After the training was complete it was off on a guided tour of historic Devonport, along the waterfront, up to the top of North Head, an extinct volcanic cone and old military fort, to admire the panoramic views. Then back down the volcano and through the historic village back to the ferry building.
   Neither of us wanted to give our Segways back when the tour was over and we'll be taking our next visitors to Auckland on this trip. A Segway is now firmly on my "want one" list - great birthday gift!

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  1. Thanks for the great review Ian. We're all addicted to the sensation of gliding on a Segway here at Magic Broomstick Tours we're also addicted to meeting people and helping them tick another box on their must do list. Yes that's experiencing the unique sensation of gliding on a segway.