Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#Apple is a "content experience" company

Another interesting article about possible future directions for Apple, this time from Cult of Mac called, Why Your Next Car will Have an Apple iDash by Mike Elgan. Whilst you may or may not be very interested in what Apple may want to do with your car's dash board, there is an important idea in this article; Mike observes that:
    "Apple doesn’t see itself as a generic consumer electronics company, as most outside people see it.

Apple sees itself as a content experience company. High-end devices like iMacs are optimized for the creation of content. And mobile devices are optimized for the consumption of content.
Apple’s approach to everything is that it pursues opportunities to improve the content consumption experience wherever that experience is wanting for millions of users. They do it with integrated hardware, software and services working together to make the experience awesome instead of awful."
    Think about the above statement for a while, mull it over for a bit. Then think about your relationship with any Apple products you've owned; your iPod, your iPhone, your MacBook...now do you see what Mike means? Your experience of using these devices is often joyful and usually so much better than using competitors' devices. You enjoy consuming and creating (where relevant) content on these devices. Apple thinks differently to the rest of the tech industry, its not just a slogan.

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