Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why is the iPhone like a Porsche 911?

No, it's not because they are both design classics. Well, in a way it is. To the right you can see a vintage Porsche 911 and below a more modern one. As any car enthusiast knows the basic shape of the 911 hasn't changed much since it was launched in 1963. The same will be true over the next few years for the iPhone and the iPad. The basic form will not change.
   People who expect a radically new iPhone 5 this year or a smaller screened iPad just don't understand Apple - it would be like Porsche producing a totally new look 911 or Coke producing a new recipe - we all know how that innovation worked out.
   With the tech media and Apple watchers starting to report rumours of both the new iPhone and iPad here are my predictions, which I will come back to after the respective unveilings so you'll know if I was correct or way off mark.
    For the iPad 3 it will have basically the same form factor, but may be slightly slimmer and have a smaller bevel around the screen. Front and rear facing cameras will be beefed up and there may be a flash. Faster processor and longer battery life, but no more RAM we're supposed to be use iCloud now. The display will be higher resolution but not the retinal display of the iPhone. The iPad won't have enough processing grunt to drive a large display of that quality. Siri will be available on the iPad 3 and it will support 4G.
   For the iPhone 5 no real change. Same form factor, same screen, perhaps a 10 mega pixel camera, faster processor, longer battery life and it will support 4G. But that's it. If you're expecting a whole new amazing iPhone you'll be disappointed. So like the 911 the design remains the same but what's under the hood gets improved.


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  2. I disagree. Porsche can do this because automobiles are expensive, collectible and status symbols. No one impresses people when they have "classic" cell phones from 1995 laying around the house. Apple will be forced to innovate otherwise they will be left in the dust, just like they were in the PC era.

  3. That's a very good point - although some of my friends (and I) do collect "classic" cell phones and computers. I'll post a photo of my office next week to show you.

  4. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.