Friday, February 10, 2012

The future is almost here...

Chapter 13, Machines of Loving Grace, of The Universal Machine begins like this:
    "As you open your eyes, your bedroom ceiling flicks into life as a huge viewing screen. You can see the morning’s news headlines, a weather report for the day and the view down your street, as if through a window - it’s sunny. A local morning radio station starts playing. You scan the news headlines, and can read more details or watch video, just by wishing it to be so.
   After a few minutes you get up and walk into the bathroom; the sound from the radio moves with you, though there are no visible speakers. As you enter the bathroom you start to think about your day ahead. A wall in the bathroom shimmers and your daily planner appears on it, along with your To Do list."
    The chapter is about the future and it opens describing how the way you'll interact with technology in the near future will be different from now - we call it ubiquitous computing. I recently came across a promotional video from the US glass company Corning, they make the Gorilla Glass used on iPhones and iPads; the script of their video is remarkably like the opening of my chapter.

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