Friday, February 10, 2012


I just came across this conference, which will be held at Stanford University on Sept 5 2012.

Challenging Turing 2012: New Perspectives on Computation "is an academic research event, with the usual peer review, aimed at celebrating Alan Turing's inquiry in the spirit of that inquiry: by the rigorous and systematic analysis of computational paradigms, their logical foundation for their own sake and their ability to characterize or reproduce behaviors in the world, including intelligent behavior.
    We seek to reignite the inquiry, clarify the Challenges that Turing addressed, how Turing would view contemporary interpretations of computation, and hope to stimulate and, perhaps, make further progress. Therefore, the nature of computation is a central theme of the conference."

This sounds interesting if you are planning to be in California in Sept this year. Information about all the events being held to commemorate Turing's centenary can be found at The Alan Turing Year official website.

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