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Flipboard on the iPad
My favourite app on my iPad is Flipboard, which is a social media aggregator that gathers articles from people I follow on Twitter, my Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections and other media sources I tell it to use. All of this is presented in the form of a personalised magazine you can browse through to drop in and out of stories. I love it and would almost agree with some who say that Flipboard is worth buying an iPad for alone.
   Yesterday I came across which does the same sort of thing for a standard web browser allowing you to curate your own web newspaper from people and organisations you follow on Twitter. It's not as cool looking as Flipboard and it only updates at most twice a day, whilst Flipboard updates on demand. However, a big advantage is that you can "publish" you newspaper so anyone can see it. I've therefore created a newspaper version of The Universal Machine, which aggregates topics from some of the sources I use to write this blog. I typically choose one or two topics a day to blog about so if you read/follow the version of The Universal Machine you'll get much more information.
Screen shot of the Universal Machine on

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