Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Awesome Photos - all (CC) and HD (plus more)

So I came across Trey Ratcliff on Google+ (I'm not, alone well over 1,000,000 people have him in their circles). He's a photographer and blogger. His blog Stuck In Customs is interesting if you enjoy travel photography and there some outstanding photos there, which are all under a Creative Commons licence (CC) and are free for you to download for non commercial use. They're full HD and not watermarked. It's a great resource if you want new wallpaper or a photo to brighten up a presentation. There's a great set of photos from New Zealand, where I live.
   He gave a talk at Google last year in which he expressed his view that "the Internet will discover you." By which I think he means that if you constantly do good interesting stuff (photos, music, blogs, art...) and make it freely available on the Internet word will spread and people will come - in his case lots of people. He also makes the point, which I've heard elsewhere, that it's important to reach out beyond your normal audience and your peers. For example, if I constantly blog about Alan Turing, everyone, apart from Alan Turing enthusiasts, will tune out. So I should blog about food, dogs, photography and other things sometimes to encourage people with wider interests in. This seems sensible.
    You can watch his talk to Google here:

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