Thursday, February 2, 2012

Company bosses take note, Ken Grenda is the better man

Ken Grenda, flanked by his sons and employees
Well this is really off message for a blog about computing, but I had to post this story.
   A 79 year old Australian company owner, Ken Grenda, recently sold his family business, a Melbourne bus company, for $425 million. What do you think he did then? He and his sons sat down and decided to give all their 1,800 employees a bonus, based on each employee's length of service. If you'd only worked for him a few months you got $1,000, some employees received $35,000, one who'd worked at the firm for over 50 years got $100,000, the average was $8,5000. In total he paid out $16 million.
    Employees woke one morning to find the money, with no warning, deposited in their bank accounts. Most assumed their bank had made a mistake. Needless to say once they learnt the money was theirs they were overjoyed. An unnamed employee told Melbourne's Herald Sun the Grenda family were "just the most amazing bosses!"
    Ken Grenda has a message for other bosses - look after your staff and don't get greedy. "I get totally dismayed when you see the level of salaries some chief executive officers get. I think it's far above what anybody's worth.

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