Friday, January 31, 2014

Play games and help scientists

Do you enjoy playing games and solving puzzles? Do you feel guilty that perhaps you're wasting too much time on silly games. Here's a solution where you can play games and be produced at the same time. Zooniverse uses the time, problem solving skills and excellent pattern recognition abilities of thousands of people to solve real scientific problems disguised as fun games. They state that:  "Zooniverse began with a single project, Galaxy Zoo, which was launched in July 2007. The Galaxy Zoo team had expected a fairly quiet life, but were overwhelmed and overawed by the response to the project. Once they'd recovered from their server buckling under the strain, they set about planning the future! Galaxy Zoo was important because not only was it incredibly popular, but it produced many unique scientific results, ranging from individual, serendipitous discoveries to those using classifications that depend on the input of everyone who's visited the site. This commitment to producing real research - so that you know that we're not wasting your time - is at the heart of everything we do."
    Zooniverse now has about 20 different projects online that you can get involved with - so why not give something back with that free time and energy you have.

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