Thursday, January 23, 2014

Your smartphone replaces the roomful of equipment

John-Michael Bond for has written that "Smartphones are expensive, even with the subsidies your mobile carrier provides. But if you add up all the tools you now carry around in your pocket instead of having to toss in your backpack while you travel, the savings are pretty remarkable." A recent post from the Buffalo, NY blog Trending Buffalo finally puts a price and perspective on how much tech we're actually carrying.
Writer Steve Cichon found and uploaded a Radio Shack ad circular from 1991 and, with the exception of 15" speakers and a radar detector, there was literally nothing found on the circular that your smartphone couldn't easily do. Thanks to the box in your pocket you've got a weather radio, AM/FM radio, headphones, calculator, video games, camcorder, cellular phone, Speed-Dial, voice mail, and tape recorder on you at all times.
Adding it all up Cichon discovered buying all of that gear would set you back $3,054.82 in 1991. Adjusted for inflation that's around $5,100 in modern dollars. You can see the circular ad below. 

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