Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Even my dog has wearable tech!

Many of the IT pundits have been saying that 2014 will be the year of wearable tech, computers and gadgets (for example this news story on CES 2014). For once they may not be wrong. My wife got a Jawbone Up wristband for Xmas, with which she monitors her exercise, sleep patterns and calories - she loves it. She was already using a pedometer on her iPhone so this just adds to the experience. However, the youngest member of our family also has wearable tech. Toby, our 5 year old cavoodle, has a Whistle, a small disc he wears on his collar. It does pretty much the same as his owners Up wristband, logging his daily exercise and sleep patterns. What is potentially useful about the app is that it compares Toby's data with dogs of a similar breed and age also using Whistle. This will be useful to ensure Toby isn't over exercised; a problem for some small dogs with active owners. It will also potentially be of use when we next have a house-sitter when we go on holiday since we can remotely track Toby's activity to ensure the dog walker is doing their job.

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