Saturday, April 7, 2012

Google Art Project adds New Zealand museums

The new Auckland Art Gallery
Google announced on their blog this week that they had added more museums from around the world to their excellent Google Art Project. This now includes two museums from New Zealand: Te Papa, The Museum of New Zealand in Wellington and the Auckland Art Gallery. So if you've not been to New Zealand and think we just do sheep, rugby and extreme sports, you can now see some of our best art.
    Google says, "The Art Project is part of our efforts to bringing culture online and make it accessible to the widest possible audience. Under the auspices of the Google Cultural Institute..."  I think this is a wonderful use for the Web. The Google Art Project now provides free access to 30,000 high res images from 151 museums in 40 countries. You can browse some of the most famous art in the world and discover new treasures all from the comfort of home.

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