Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beyond Siri: the future of mobile devices and search

An interesting blog post from Lars Hard the founder and CEO of the the AI platform Expertmaker, called Beyond Siri: What AI means for the future of mobile devices and search. To make this future more real consider a few simple examples. Your intelligent agent on your phone, Siri 2.0 perhaps, says to you, "The Wine Boutique has just announced a special offer on the new vintage of your favorite label. Would you like me to reserve half a case for you?" Or Facebook might say, "Your sister is trying to organise a family get-together, you're free Sunday week, shall I tell her?" Or, perhaps Tripit 4.0 will say something like "There is a storm gathering over the Midwest. It looks like your flight will be delayed. Would you like me to book a hotel room now for this evening, and an alternate flight out first thing tomorrow?"
   These are all individually possible now, but collectively they could become very useful. It's not a new idea though. When Siri was launched, I commented in this post that Apple had envisaged this back in 1987. Of course then they didn't imagine the technology would be mobile and hence even more useful. Watch the video but image the Knowledge Navigator working on your phone.

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