Friday, April 20, 2012

#Anonymous wins vote for Time magazine's most influential person

The hacktivist collective Anonymous has won the popular vote by readers for Time magazine's "most influential person" of 2012. Time magazine revealed yesterday that Anonymous had polled 395,7943 votes in comparison to the runner-up Eric Martin who polled 264,193 votes.
   Notwithstanding the results of their poll Time has declared Jeremy Lin (no I hadn't heard of him either - he's a basketball player) as the most influential person, and ranked Anonymous 36th. If I were chief of network security for Time magazine I don't think I'd be sleeping too easy, as who knows how the hacktivists (and they are legion) will take to this blatant disregard of the peoples' voice. Of course some people are suggesting that Anonymous may have hacked the poll and others are saying that they're not eligible anyway since they're not a "person." The former argument may be true, but the latter isn't since in 1982 Time named the home computer "Person of the Year."

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