Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The world's first webpage is back online

Sir Tim Berners-Lee
As part of a project to help future generations understand how the world wide web came about, and the way we originally used it. CERN has put the world's first webpage back online at Cern want to hear your experiences of visiting the first webpage. So if you can remember the first time you surfed the web visit the project's website and leave your memories.
    I wrote about the creation of the first website by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in chapter 8 of The Universal MachineI quote:
    In the summer of 1993 I was working with a small team developing expert systems (artificial intelligence software) for the construction industry when Mark came into my office. He was waving a floppy disk and enthusiastically said “Ian, you’ve got to see this! It’s a web browser!” “What’s the Web and why do I want to browse it?” I replied. “It’s really cool, you can see information from all over the world and navigate around it like a web,” he said, so I took his disk and installed a browser called Cello, and then had to install some other network drivers, and after about half a day of lost work I was ready to browse the Web. 
    I launched Cello and I was taken to, which seemed to be the heart of the Web. I then browsed around CERN getting lots of arcane documents about particle physics experiments and committee meetings, and ended up in a Computer Science department at MIT. I browsed around other websites for an hour or so and then put Cello down. Frankly, the Web seemed rather boring.
   The web got better, much, much better.

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