Monday, May 6, 2013

Oscar winner to give free public lecture in Auckland

Our next Gibbons Lecture on 9th May will be delivered by John Lewis of Victoria
University of Wellington and Weta Digital Research. His talk is titled “Why Academic Research Matters in Visual Effects.  John was a recipient of a 2103 Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science Technical Achievement Award
    He has contributed to the use of computer graphics in films including Avatar, The Matrix sequels, and Forrest Gump. Several of his algorithms have been adopted in the film and games industries and incorporated in commercial graphics software packages. He has interest in rendering images of computer generated humans to make them more life-like – in the following images one is a photograph of a human and the other generated from a computer model – can you tell which is which?

    Full details of the venue, date and time are provided here. If you can't attend the lecture will be streamed live and after the event.

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