Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Orion launches bid to boost NZ ICT talent

Orion Health founder Ian McCrae
Orion Health, a local software company that specialises in medical informatics, has a close relationship with the University of Auckland CS department (they sponsor both the Orion Award for Excellence in Computer Science and the Computer Science Poster Competition). Orion recognises that its current and future success is heavily dependent on the quality and skills of the people it employs; put simply if it can't find enough talented people to employ it can't grow. It is therefore entirely in Orion's self-interest that it has launched an initiative, called Codeworx, aimed at changing the perception of computer science in schools and building the pool of talent the ICT industry needs. Codeworx says: "New Zealanders are a nation of innovators, people who like to tinker, build and create. Codeworx is about letting students develop their future potential through programming, hacking and learning to build cool tech! Students need not just be users of computers, we want to support students in being the creators of software and the digital tools of the future."

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