Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How NOT to launch your new game

Well, it's not a new game, just a new version of SimCity. If you've already bought the new version (approx. $100) you'll already probably have encountered the main problem - the game doesn't work! Well it does work, but only if your game session can connect to the over-loaded SimCity servers. That's right, to play the game you must be connected to a SimCity server - no connection equals no game play. You'd have thought that Electronic Arts, probably the most well known game house, would have anticipated the demand and built in enough capacity, and then some some, just to be on the safe side. Amazon stopped selling the game for a while because it didn't work and Electronic Arts have offered an apology and a free game to purchasers. Over 60,000 users have signed a petition demanding that Electronic Arts remove the online DRM from SimCity, which is the root cause of the problem. In 2013 it's remarkable that experienced companies can still stuff up like this.

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