Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year Alan #Turing

Turing's statue on his birthday in Manchester
As 2013 rolls in around the world the Alan Turing Year comes to end and what a year it has been - beyond our wildest expectations. We always new there were going to be some major academic conferences honouring the legacy of the father of computer science, but we didn't expect the literally hundreds of conferences, meetings and public lectures that took place all over the world. We knew there would be some major museum exhibitions but again we didn't expect the numerous and diverse events that took place celebrating Turing's genius. We knew there would be some major publications from the usual Turing experts, but again we didn't expect science-fiction books, childrens' stories and more: art projects, plays, music, an opera, dance, documentaries and other projects that defy easy categorisation. The news media and commentators have published hundreds of articles on Turing and the radio and TV followed. Turing has not received a pardon (yet), but he still may grace the next £10 note.
   2013 is a new year for Alan Turing - I believe that he is now much better known and understood than he was on January 1st 2012 - the Alan Turing Year (and all who were involved) has started the process of Turing claiming his rightful place as one of the greatest minds who ever lived.

[Note: although the Alan Turing Year has ended, such is the interest that events are continuing into 2013, check the Alan Turing Year website for details. Also plans are in progress to archive as much of the activity that took place in 2012 under the Alan Turing Legacy.]

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