Friday, August 10, 2012

The #Turing e-petitions - updates

Thanks to the Alan Turing Year for this update on the status of the Alan Turing e-petitions.
    The "Grant a pardon to Alan Turing" petition is close to 36 thousand, with 35,872 signatures, and about to enter the top ten petitions nationally -
    The "Put Alan Turing on the next 10 pound note" petition has a magnificent 21,142 signatures now:
    CMS who have supported the campaign for 'Turing For The Tenner' have organised an 'Alan Turing Prize Draw' with prizes of a limited edition Turing For The Tenner T-shirt - see:
    The big news in July was the initiative of Lord Sharkey to take the fight for a Turing pardon to a new level - as the BBC News Manchester put it "Alan Turing pardon campaign goes to House of Lords". There is multi-party support for this bill, and many UK Turing supporters have written to their own MPs. There is a timetable for the process of getting Lord Sharkey's bill passed.
    Once again, if you are a British citizen or know anyone who lives in Britain or is a cite=izen please ask them to sign the petitions. Here's a video supporting the Turing For The Tenner campaign

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