Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crypted - a play about #Turing

This afternoon I went to see a play called Crypted by Freddy Syborn at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The play opens with Turing explaining the Liar's Paradox, introducing the audience to the notion that something may be true but unprovable. A very promising start. Ranging across all Turing's life from school, through Bletchley Park, to his tragic death, the play deals with the issue of truth in mathematics, life and crucially for Turing sexuality.
What may surprise is that Turing is played by a young woman - Harriet Green. She does an excellent job and although another reviewer found this distracting I thought it worked well. It brought home the fact that Turing was struggling to be true to himself. I recommend the play which runs until Sunday.

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