Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Get Alan #Turing on the new £10 note

I've mentioned this e-petition before, but now there's a Facebook page, called TuringOnTheTenner, drumming up support for the petition. If you use Facebook please pop along and like the page. If you are a UK citizen or resident also consider signing the e-petition and as TuringOnTheTenner points out don't worry that Turing would kick Darwin off the tenner since Darwin is going to be replaced anyway. So it's a question of who would best follow Darwin; Turing who invented the computer, cracked the WWII Enigma codes and brought the war to a speedier end, founded the discipline of artificial intelligence, and was a pioneer of bioinformatics, or somebody else?
[Yes, all the blog posts this week will be about Turing - it's his birthday.]

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