Tuesday, June 12, 2012

eBook version of the Universal Machine

Several people have asked me, "is there an eBook version of your book?" And the simple answer is "yes, sort of." You can purchase a DRM free pdf version of The Universal Machine from my publisher's webpage for the book. You'll see under "Available Formats" a section you can expand that says "eBook" - there's a shopping cart icon beside it and clicking that will let you purchase the pdf version, which is slightly cheaper than the softcover.
   However, if you want the book in native format for the iPad or for your Kindle you'll have to wait. These versions are coming but I don't know when. However, if you go to Amazon's webpage for the book there's a link you can click requesting the publisher to provide a Kindle version - please do this if you want a Kindle version (or just do it anyway).
    BTW: from my publisher's webpage for the book you can also access a site where you can see and download excerpts from the The Universal Machine.

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