Monday, May 21, 2012

Segwaying with Steve #Wozniak

Ian & Woz
A couple of months ago I went on a Segway tour, which I really enjoyed. I then learnt that Apple's co-founder, Steve Wozniak, was due in Auckland for a speaking event - unfortunately though the tickets are very expensive. I recalled that "Woz" is a very keen Segway rider; the Segway Polo world championship is called the Woz Challenge Cup after him, so I thought why not invite Woz to go Segwaying whilst he's in Auckland. I contacted the lady who runs Magic Broomstick Tours in Devonport, gave her Woz's agent's email address and suggested she invite him. She did, and he accepted! So yesterday we spent a couple of hours together on a tour of historic Devonport. The sun shone, the harbour sparkled, the views were spectacular and once again riding a Segway was great fun. Woz said that he "always feels good after a Segway ride," I have to say I agree.

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