Friday, May 4, 2012

#Apple - 1944 and it's war!

Steve Jobs as "The Chief"
"1944" is a 9 minute long, broadcast quality, in-house riff on the now iconic "1984" Macintosh TV ad that caused a sensation during that year's Super Bowl. Set as a WWII story of good vs. IBM, and rumored to have cost $50,000, it was designed to fire up Apple's sales force at a 1984 meeting in Hawaii. Craig Elliott, who worked at Apple from 1985 to 1996, posted the video to his Facebook page, from where it went viral.
    The video shows "the fighting 32nd" preparing to invade IBM's territory to liberate the zombie-like POWs chained to their IBM computers by deploying "the most powerful weapon on earth - an idea whose time has come." The observant amongst you will notice that "The Chief" is Steve Jobs and that Bill "General" Gates is fighting on Apple's side. There's also a very amusing piece of dialog where they allude to their glorious past victories: the Apple I, the Apple II and its variants, but not the commercially unsuccessful Apple III, quote: "We don't talk about 3."

[Thanks to my friend Duncan Campbell for bringing this to my attention]

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