Monday, May 23, 2016

Free public lecture on computer science

The final lecture in the series of free public Gibbons lectures takes place this Thursday 26th May at 6:30pm. This week's lecture titled: Using IT to improve health delivery for management of chronic illness is given by my colleague Professor Jim Warren, Professor of Health Informatics, Department of Computer Science, The University of Auckland. It has been suggested that more could be done to improve human health by better delivering what we already know, rather than by developing further medical knowledge. There are enormous gaps in health delivery, including inadequate detection of individuals at high risk and mismanagement of risk factors once they are identified. IT can help through the use of decision support systems that compute estimates of risk and recommend appropriate management. IT can also serve to make screening for risk factors more systematic, and consumers can receive direct 'eTherapy' for problems such as anxiety or to aid in quitting smoking.
More details about the talk, time and venue are here. If you were unable to attend the previous week's lectures they can be streamed from here

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