Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My computer was stolen!

Last week at 3am thieves broke into my house and stole my MacBook Pro and my wife's MacBook Air. After we called the police we immediately logged into iCloud's "Find My iPhone" service and locked and erased both Mac's. Both of the machines were password protected from the lock screen and their hard drives were encrypted with FireVault. Consequently we were reasonably confident that the combination of lock screen password, encryption and iCloud erasure would keep our data secure.
   When my wife got her replacement MacBook Air (within two days from her employer, I'm still waiting on mine) I installed SugarSync (our preferred cloud storage and back-up service) and voila! Within an hour her documents folder and desktop were populated with all her original files. No work was lost. In the last week we've noticed no unusual activity an any of our accounts and we're confident our data and identities are secure. What could have been a disaster, thanks to taking reasonable precautions and ensuring our machines were backed up in the cloud, has merely been a minor inconvenience. 

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