Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Alan #Turing infographic

Steve Ollington and the Manchester Jury's Inn,  have created an online infographic that's a mini-tutorial on Turing's life and work. Steve write, the Jury's Inn: "...recognise his [Alan Turing's] importance as key figure in British History and a national treasure, and they liked the thought of providing a memorial that would engage, teach and honour a great figure, especially one who is such a local hero."
   Their infographic succinctly (and attractively) sums up many of the key points of Turing's story and is a great point of access for those who are just learning about the man and his place in history. It's reproduced below, and you can visit it on the Jury's Inn site here. [This was brought to my attention by the Turing Centenary blog]

Alan Turing of Manchester, by Jurys Inn Manchester Hotel

Alan Turing Infographic by Jurys Inn Hotels

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