Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lifeblogging with Memoto

The Google Glass headset has created some controversy recently with regard to privacy because users can take photos (and video) without those around them knowing. However, Glass at least has the benefit that it is very obvious when someone is wearing them. Enter a new Swedish invention called Memoto, a small wearable camera that takes a photo automatically every 30 seconds.
   The camera is inside the little orange lozenge the man in the photo is wearing around his neck - did you recognise that as a camera? Intended for "lifeblogging" Memoto connects with an app on your smartphone to organise a whole day's photo stream into an easily searchable timeline. Although there's no mention of video capability it is fairly obvious that video would be possible as well. Whilst we might all learn to recognise people wearing Memoto it is quite obvious that these little cameras would be very easy to camouflage and conceal should somebody want to. Soon we may have to assume that somebody is filming us all the time.

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