Friday, December 7, 2012

He dreamed of machines - The Pet Shop Boys perform new #Turing work

The Pet Shop Boys on their blog write, "Last night's concert with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra was a wonderful experience for us. The orchestra played with such luxurious power and conviction, conducted by Dominic Wheeler, and the Manchester Chamber Choir brought ethereal beauty to, for instance, "Miracles" and "He dreamed of machines" (from our new piece about Alan Turing)... "He dreamed of machines" had a pale beauty. Many thanks to everyone at the BBC, Parlophone and our management and tour personnel for making it happen."
   The concert was broadcast live on BCC Radio 2 and is available to stream for seven days from BBC Radio 2's website. The Turing piece is about an hour into the concert. The Pet Shop Boys say that the full piece will be about all of Turing's life and will be a narrated work. In the song they sing about, "The Universal Machine, it would a machine to do everything!"

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