Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Intelligent Socially Aware Automated Communications (ISAAC)

Company network technicians often have a worried look. They spend a lot of their day firefighting, fixing problems and trying to calm other employees who can't work at all if their network is down. So, "imagine if your network could speak directly to you – in your terms, in your language? Imagine if your network could securely communicate issues and alerts to you over your favourite social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Chatter? Imagine that anyone on your IT staff could proactively manage and control your IT infrastructure in real-time – anytime, anywhere?" Forbes recently ran an article called, Social Machines: How This Company is Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Social Intelligence, which describes just such a system.
   The article is worth reading as it seems to herald a new form of corporate network that will perhaps ease the burden on network techs. The video below shows a demonstration of ISAAC.

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