Sunday, October 2, 2011

Flexible phones!

The news last week was full of rumours that Samsung were going to release a flexible bendy cell phone called the Galaxy Skin. Earlier this year Sumsung showed a bendable AMOLED display - so a bendy phone seems like the next step. However, it turns out the phone everyone had become so excited by is actually a design students' project and they put the Samsun logo on their concept to make it look more authentic. Sumsung have subsequently denied the rumours.
   However, that is not to say that scientists and engineers aren't working on flexible electronic devices. Nokia and scientists at Cambridge University are working on flexible and stretchable electronic skin that could in the near future become part of clothing (see the video below). Flexible batteries are underdevelopment and Samsung have already shown us a flexible screen. Soon perhaps we'll be wearing our smartphones, rather than carrying them - Apple rather than Armani.

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