Monday, September 19, 2011

The PC Pioneers

I received an email the other day about a website called that appeared to be a website devoted to computing history. So I checked it out and really it's a website supporting a self-published book called "The PC Pioneers" about the people involved in the development of the computer. So lots of similarities to this blog and my book then. However, other than the general concept there the similarities end. Here's a quote from the book's description on Amazon: "The vital precursor to PCs was the microprocessor, first developed by Ray Holt, part Cherokee. But the project was a military secret and initially the MPU patent was granted to Gilbert Hyatt. The original designer of the mainframe was settled at law as being John Atanasoff and the French courts ruled that the personal computer was developed by Fran├žois Gernelle."  Oh dear, the book is over 600 pages long and it all seems to be written like this, the writing style is horrible. However, that's just my opinion, you can decide for yourself.

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