Sunday, August 28, 2011

Traveling with an iPad

I've been traveling away from home for the last few weeks and still have a few weeks to go. I left the laptop at home and have come with just my iPhone and iPad 2. So far the experience has been great and I doubt I'll ever travel with my laptop again.
I've been in WiFi pretty much everywhere except when on the move, though I had to buy my mother a WiFi router (for £14s) since she didn't have one. FaceTime has worked perfectly allowing me to chat for ages with my lovely wife - who's not best pleased that I'm away for ages. My typing speed and fluency with the iPad's keyboard has improved with all the practice I've been getting, though I may pack my Apple wireless keyboard next time. I had to download Apple's Numbers spreadsheet app because I had a spreadsheet to deal with from work and none of the free spreadsheet apps really did the job. Apart from that the productivity apps I had preloaded have worked just great for me.


  1. One more important feature that the iPad has is it's GPS app that helps me a lot when I travel. It can also shoot some decent photos. I think within 5 years I may no longer need my phone too. The iPad can serve as a phone as well.

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    1. I agree the GPS is very useful if you have the 3G model, I don't because my iPhone provides that for me. I have seen people use the iPad as a camera in museums and it takes reasonable photos, you're right.