Friday, May 6, 2011

iOS 5.0

I read an article yesterday that predicts from industry insiders that iOS 5 to be released with the iPhone 5 will support wireless sync. I predicted this last year: here and here.

It’s clearly daft that in order to use your IPhone or IPad you must have a PC or Mac as well. However, I think that for iOS 5.0 sync will only operate over wifi, and really that’s not to much of a hassle or restriction. Also I expect iOS 5.0 to make some big changes to ITunes (iTunes-in-the-cloud) and big changes to MobileMe.
   BTW I was spot on with my iPad 2 predictions with the exception of the rear facing camera. I still think it’s a bit unnecessary. However, I think Apple included it because it means that app developers can now develop for a front and rear facing camera on all iOS devices (apple TV excluded of course).
   My new iPad 2 finally arrived today :-)

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