Friday, March 25, 2011

Power cut

Bugger, no power this morning. No toast, no coffee, but more importantly, no computers no internet and therefore no work!
   But I found a solution, I turned on the wireless hotspot feature on my iPhone (that's a new feature in iOS 4.3) and connected my iPad to the WiFi network the iPhone is generating. Ok, 3G isn't as fast as my home broadband, but I could check my email and read the newspaper online no problem. I then remembered I could tether my Apple wireless keyboard to the iPad and Pages on the iPad is excellent for writing. So I was able to do a good mornings work  after all, without any electricity. Missed the coffee though.
Both the iPad and iPhone were fully charged over night and judging by the battery consumption this morning I could easily have put in a full days work. The keyboard runs off a couple of AA batteries and last for weeks.

1 comment:

  1. But... but.... how CAN you work without coffee... the rest is clever (thank you 2011!!!!!! I might not have a flying car but my friends can work without electricity!).

    Seriously... how was the productivity sans coffee?!?!?!